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Popular and Important Provider Downloads

The file downloads found below represent the more popular and important downloads available from the MES portal.  If the form or document you are looking for is not found below, you can use the Search feature at the top of the page to search our library of files.

Most of the files below are in Adobe PDF format which your browser should open in a new tab, or a dialog asking you to download the document.

New Video - How to Complete the PAH Request Form

How to Complete the PAH Request Form (PDF Download) - UPDATED!

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MCO Toolkit

Download the MCO Toolkit (PDF)

Financial Related

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form (New!) (Microsoft Word .docx)

Primary Account Holder (PAH)

Primary Account Holder Request Form (PDF)     UPDATED

Taxonomy Related

DD Waiver Services Taxonomy (PDF)

CCC Plus Waiver Services Taxonomy Guide (PDF)

Behavioral Health Taxonomy Chart (PDF)

Comprehensive Taxonomy Listing (PDF)

NPPR Related and Other

Provider EDI Admin Role User Guide (PDF)

MES Claims Date of Service Chart (PDF)

Virginia Provider NPPR File Guide V4.6 (PDF)(New!)

Virginia Provider Network PRN File Guide V7.4 (PDF)

PRSS Provider Code Value Descriptions (XLSX - Spreadsheet updated 16 October 2023)

Authorized Administration Form

Behavioral Health Resources

Behavioral Health Taxonomy Chart (PDF)

Behavioral Health Online Claims Submissions - FAQ