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Provider Manuals Library

Welcome to the Provider Manuals Library.   You can find the most current version of the manuals here, by either searching or using the table of contents for manuals (Left).   Finding information for Manuals is important, and through the MES portal, DMAS offers a solution where users can search and see manuals right in their browser, or download a PDF version of a manual or chapter.  

Browse and Download:

To do this, you can use the navigation on the left side of the page to navigate through any of our current manuals.  Click the VIEW button to load the selected chapter in your browser. 

Download or View
Fig. 1: Download or View the Chapter

Download a PDF:

A PDF version of an entire manual or chapter can also be downloaded by clicking the PDF link (see Figure 1).


Use the new search form (below), where the results will initially include information only from manuals.  As always, your search terms will be highlighted in the results.