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Encounter Processing Solution
EPS Support

The EPS Support page provides encounter users with reference materials, including current Companion Guides, Technical Manuals and Registration information.     Registered users can login to the EPS portal, by clicking the blue "Login" button at the top-right.

If you need access to the EPS Portal, please see the EDI Registration package (below) to request access.


Downloadable Files & Forms:

EPS Companion Guides

MES EPS 837P (v3.7) Companion Guide (PDF)

MES EPS 837I (v2.6) Companion Guide (PDF)

MES EPS 837D Companion Guide

MES EPS NCPDP Companion Guide

Technical Manuals

DMAS Encounters Technical Manual  (v3.2)   Updated!

EDI Registration Documents (for EPS)

Electronic Claims Submission Enrollment Packet 
EDI Registration Package

Contact EPS/EDI