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MES Login Help

Login to MES for the First Time

Once you have been approved for access to the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES), you will receive emails to help you start using MES, including logging-in for the first time.

All Users Will Receive Two Emails from donotreply @ with Login Information and Guidance

Everyone Receives Two Emails (MES Login)

  • First email - contains your User ID for MES, which is the email address you used when initially requesting access.
  • Second email – contains a temporary password for MES, and basic instructions for logging

MMIS Users will Receive Two Additional Emails with Information for MMIS Login
Once you have successfully logged into MES, and are approved for MMIS access, you can set up your MMIS login, by following the instructions found on two additional emails you will receive:

  • MMIS (Third email) – contains your MMIS User ID, called E6Code (this is not your email address).
  • MMIS (Fourth email) – contains the temporary password, and basic instructions for logging into MMIS for the first time.  You’ll need information from both emails in order to login.

Each Time You Login to MES - Use Two-Factor Authentication

For security reasons, each time you login to MES, you’ll be asked to provide an access code using a process called two-factor authentication.  This is the same security measure banks use when users access their websites via the web.  But how does this work?

After you successfully provide your login credentials on the MES login page, you’ll receive a special ‘Authentication Code.”  This code will be emailed to you, or sent by text to your phone.  Copy the code from the message, or enter it manually on the web page.

With a successful login and code entry, you’ll be automatically redirected to the MES Menu page, where you can access the modules/apps you are authorized for (including MMIS).


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