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Provider Resources

Welcome to the MES Provider Resource area!

This is the new location for Provider information and resources.   The information resources on the legacy Medicaid portal are no longer available, but don’t worry - we’ve got you covered!   Links to all of the Medicaid Memos, Bulletins, Forms and Manuals have been updated and are available below.   MES will continue to provide the same resources you need to get your job done, and help provide for our Members' health care.

Providers:  Please utilize the Medicall automated system to check claim status, authorizations, and eligibility by calling 800 884 9730 or 804 965 9732.

We've just finished converting all of our Provider Manuals to PDF, for easier selection and downloading - give it a try.

Try our new MES search engine:

What is MES?

The Medicaid Enterprise System (MES),  pronounced 'Mez, was created to transform our Medicaid technology from an antiquated all-in-one-box solution, to a modular, expandable and cost-effective solution.  This collection of advanced technologies directly and efficiently supports the business needs of DMAS and our Providers.

MES - Getting Started as a Provider


We have some great new training resources for Providers, covering all aspects of the new PRSS portal (includes MCO courses).  Also, CRMS users have their own training resources for LOCERI, PACE and eMLS.

A Note to Virginia Smiles for Children Dental Providers

While DMAS adheres to the Federal 21st Century Cures Act, encouraging all providers to enroll through MES and the PRSS portal. Dental providers should not enroll through MES at this time.

Dental providers who are currently participating and need to recredential or those who wish to enroll with the program for the first time, should do so through DentaQuest at or by calling 800-233-1468.


Where do I go from Here?

Start your journey to the new PRSS portal by reviewing the training curriculum and choosing the courses for you.  Users with MES credentials, can use the blue login button at the top of any page to login to the secure portion of MES to access the modules you are authorized for (like PRSS and CRMS).  You can ask your manager about getting access to MES modules.

Don't forget to check our updated Provider FAQ for answers to many popular questions about MES affecting Providers like you.


Find a Provider tool:

Enroll as a Provider:

Provider Manuals

Access  the complete and latest Provider Manual set here.  Downloadable PDF versions are available now.

Memos and Bulletins

The complete listing of Medicaid Memos and Bulletins is available here.  Search and download memos and bulletins for years 2021 to 2023 from our library.  Note: Earlier memos and bulletins (prior to 2020) can be requested via email.

Memos, Bulletins and Forms

The complete current collection of MES Provider forms is available here.  Search and download from our library.

Latest Memo/Bulletin