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Applicant & Member Training

 Applicant & Member
 Appeals Portal Training

Who should use these training resources?

If you are a Virginia Medicaid or FAMIS member or applicant, or an authorized representative of a member or applicant, who wants to learn more about using the Appeals Information Management System (AIMS) portal to file an online appeal about eligibility or health coverage, these resources are for you.  If you are enrolled in a managed care program, you should first work with your designated Managed Care Organization (MCO) to file your appeal. 
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Use these training resources to learn how to use the AIMS portal to:

- File an appeal

- Request an expedited (faster) appeal

- File supporting documents for your appeal

- Review scheduled hearings, decisions, or actions taken

We have developed a library of training aids to help you use the AIMS portal to file and manage your appeals.  Watch a video, locate step-by-step instructions in our user guide, or find answers to frequently asked questions, all right here.


User Guide

Find the step-by-step instructions for filing and managing your appeals in the AIMS portal here:

AIMS Portal User Guide for Applicants & Members



Watch these short videos to guide you through how to complete common appeals tasks in the AIMS portal:



After you watch the videos (above), practice completing common appeal tasks here:

AIMS Portal You Try Scenarios for Applicants & Members


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked AIMS portal questions here:

AIMS Portal FAQ for Applicants and Members
AIMS Portal FAQ for Authorized Representative (AR) Organizations

Preguntas frecuentes sobre solicitantes y miembros en español



Click below to register for an Appeals Information Management System (AIMS) portal account and get your portal login information.

* If you experience any difficulty registering for the AIMS portal, please retry after 5 minutes.

Once you have an AIMS portal account, click below or click the blue Login button at the top of this page to log in and get started.


Need technical support while accessing or using the AIMS portal?  Call 804-486-2865.  If you have questions regarding an appeal, call the DMAS Appeals Division at 804-371-8488.